2018 e-commerce trends worth checking out

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2018 e-commerce trends worth checking out

The e-consumer is what matters most

As soon as the new year rolls around, it seems everyone has something to say about the hottest e-commerce trends. Statistics, articles and studies clearly show that e-commerce is gaining popularity among all types of consumers.

Online commerce giants definitely have their eye on these shoppers, which means that adapting to the consumer to gain his/her trust and loyalty becomes the most fundamental element of online transactions.

However, with so much information floating around out there, is it always wise to adapt to current trends? We believe that some of them are worth considering. This article will give you some food for thought on how quickly evolving technology can affect your typical consumer.

Artificial intelligence and user behaviour

Smart phones play a significant role in online shopping experiences. The growing desire for immediate gratification is pushing the technological world to look for new ways of satisfying this need.

Voice search and product recognition systems are among the most popular. In particular, retail trade seems to benefit from this trend. Are you convinced?

Data is your friend

Competition between online sales platforms is fierce to say the least. Your customers’ navigation data could provide just what you need to get ahead of your competitors!

In fact, the more information you have about what kind of customer is visiting your website, the type of purchases they make and the inherent risks to their searches, the more you can use the criteria (other than demographics). Meeting the needs of the customers who are using your platform in the most efficient way possible is a key objective that you need to be integrating in your planning.

Purchasing at any time

Whatever your product or service may be, it’s important to make your customers’ buying experience as easy as possible. As soon as they connect with what you offer, the option to buy needs to be obvious and engaging.

Also, the purchasing steps need to be very simple. To avoid confusing and frustrating your potential customer, make sure to use an effective e-commerce platform!



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