Why interconnected system capability is crucial when choosing an e-commerce solution

interconnexion systèmes solution e-commerce

Why interconnected system capability is crucial when choosing an e-commerce solution

Have you started to sell online? Don’t make your decision lightly.

A tip:  to facilitate your work, make sure that your e-commerce solution will allow you to interconnect your inventory, accounting and any other software that your company uses.

What should be interconnected, without question?

An online store system should manage commercial transactions, orders and inventory. It should also be capable of managing commercial transactions, managing orders and inventory. You most likely already have systems in place to accomplish these tasks and that is why it is essential to integrate them with your online store. You will then be able to synchronize all of your information and avoid having to do manual transactions, fix errors or end up with duplicate transactions.

Accounting software

It’s definitely not efficient to have to enter each one of your orders into a 2nd system, right? For this reason, it’s essential that the team responsible for your e-commerce platform is able to connect it to your accounting software.

Inventory management

Most companies that choose to sell online already have an inventory management system in place. Your online store has to be capable of managing your stock in its existing software, in order to ensure product availability and avoid having to enter orders manually. If you need to transfer orders back to your management system online, you risk making mistakes and having to pay for those errors financially. But what’s even more important than that: can you afford to sell your customer a product that’s out of stock?

Marketing systems

When you do e-commerce, it’s imperative to have an online marketing system. Connecting it to your online store will provide you with valuable sales data. This will help you attract customers, will give you an eye into their buying behaviour and measure your marketing goals versus your sales results. Information that is like gold for the growth of your business!

Magento: the ultimate platform for interconnectivity

Connecting systems requires finesse and should be implemented by experienced professionals. One programming mistake can cause big problems and significant losses for your company. Magento has a very powerful API, but you do have to know how to use it!

Nestlé, Burger King, Coca-Cola and, a bit closer to home, Structube and the Marie-Claire stores use Magento. The Frankfurt airport, one of the biggest airports in the world, uses Magento for all of its purchasing services. If you are at the Frankfurt airport, you can buy products from all the shops using your iPhone. Your purchases will be waiting for you at your gate. An impressive achievement indeed!!

Before you choose your e-commerce platform, always investigate how to connect your other systems to it. And when in doubt, contact us!


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