What’s better for you: a partial redesign or complete overhaul of your website?

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What’s better for you: a partial redesign or complete overhaul of your website?

Is your Web platform out-dated? Are you thinking of revitalizing your website and starting from scratch? It might be better to do a partial website redesign.

A partial redesign means making changes to the features, design and structure of the website, rather than designing a new one entirely.
In fact, restructuring an existing website can even have several advantages.


The upside of a website redesign

First and foremost, the partial redesign of a website allows you to keep the website elements that are most relevant to your business – like content and architecture. By opting for a redesign, you don’t have to start all over again.

If you decide to recreate your website entirely, you lose all of the work you did on your SEO, which is developed over the long term. The disadvantage here is that search engines build their trust in your website over time, risking that you lose your position on the Web. If you start your website all over again, you will also have to build your SEO. As a result, you might see a dramatic decline in your online traffic.

By choosing to do a partial redesign, you can maintain the quality of your SEO, or even improve it. You can rely on the professional experts at LeBackstoreto help you ensure that your online strategies are properly implemented whenupdating your website.

And finally, you probably spent thousands of dollars on your current platform. It would be a shame to have to spend so much more money on a new one! Conversely, making changes to an existing site can be a much more affordable option.


When is the best time for a website redesign?

There are many advantages to completing a partial redesign of a website. We’ve compiled a list of three reasons you should choose a redesign over a rebuild.


Improved user experience

The redesign of a website can help you better meet the needs of your visitors.

For example, it can make your website more adaptable and ergonomic.

Also,more and more companies are opting for adaptive designs.Designs that can be modified mean interfaces that are more readable and scalable on all media. Users can therefore navigate easily on computers, tablets and mobile phones. A redesign can help with this adaptability.


Added features

By redesigning a website, you are ensuring that it is adaptive and is better suited to showcase the company’s services.

This can be achieved by adding features that will increase business opportunities and performance, including:
• Sending newsletters
• A blog
• A contact form
• Sharing buttons for social networks


Modern design

Last but not least, a website can be transformed if you want a more modern look. Newer designs will attract more visitors. The truth is that how your website looks can reflect positively or negatively on your company!

This is definitely the case for companies that have changed their brand image over the years.
Updating your website design might also be a good idea if the site hasn’t been modernized in a while. Your website runs the risk of looking old and past its prime.

All in all, we think it’s best to transform your existing platform instead of starting from zero. This way, you can keep what works for you, protect your SEO andsave money.

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