About us

Who we are

Le  Backstore is a web agency with a highly experienced team that specializes in e-commerce for businesses of all sizes.

Our goal: to give your business a competitive edge with reliable and scalable web solutions that are easy to implement and operate. We offer the expertise needed to boost your online business!

We understand the many challenges related to e‑commerce. With us, nothing is complicated !

With 15 years experience developing innovative web solutions, our team understands the needs of entrepreneurs and business managers.

We use the most effective e-commerce technologies and we know how to match the right platform with the specific needs of each business.





Boumgrafik’s mission is to help your business efficiently reach it’s target market and increase your revenues by creating a lasting, distinctive and memorable brand image.

Whether it’s creating your unique visual identity or designing compelling communication tools, you’ll surely have a burst of creativity!

Across Canada, Le Backstore is THE go-to place when it comes to e-commerce!