Should you distribute your products on Amazon. Is it a good complement to your online store?

Online Shopping on Amazon

Should you distribute your products on Amazon. Is it a good complement to your online store?

E-Commerce is becoming more dominant around the world and Canada is no exception. Moreover, according to the CEO of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), SMEs must take action and invest in the digital shift!

But on which online platform should you sell your products? On your online store ? On Amazon? Promoting and selling your products on several plateforms at the same time has undeniable advantages. Indeed, it allows to reach a larger pool of potential customers, to increase its visibility and, possibly, to increase its revenues.


Why use Amazon ?

According to a December 2017 poll by Léger, more than two-thirds (68%) of Canadians bought at least once on Amazon. Of this number, 81% are millennials, 72% are from the X Generation and 58% are Baby Boomers. So, thinking that only “some young people” buy online is believing in unicorns!

For 10 years, Amazon has been the fastest growing company. With a turnover of 178 billion dollars (in 2017 alone) and more than 540,000 employees around the world, hard to doubt! It is the world leader in e-commerce with more than 310 million active users! No wonder so many big retailers have been fighting for some time …

If you own a brand, a manufacturing company or a retailer, Amazon offers you the opportunity to increase your visibility and increase your sales all over North America (and even around the world if you desire)! In fact, more than 130M customers in the United States and Canada are just a few clicks away from buying your products!

In addition, with the Amazon FBA (fulfillment By Amazon) program, you can transfer a portion of your inventory to one of their distribution centers and they take care of almost everything for you! This includes warehousing, shipping, returns, exchanges and refunds, as well as a good deal of customer service. As a result, less hassle and time wasted in operations, and more energy to put on growing your business.


Sell on Amazon with the help of experts

Add the biggest online trading platform in the world as a sales channel to your online store and generate sales on the autopilot seem too good to be true? And yet, with the help of experts, selling online has never been easier!

Although a fee is levied from your sales on the Amazon platform, it initially offers excellent promotion to your products, allowing a first contact with potential customers. Those who are attracted by your products or brand will then visit your online store and possibly buy your products on this platform at a lower cost, giving you a bigger share of profits. To get repeat business, you could offer a discount in the delivery box or simply contact them to offer them a special offer on a purchase on your online store. It’s a winning strategy that will allow you to sell your products in new markets. Several strategies can be put in place to make your presence on Amazon profitable, in addition to your online business.

In 2017, with only a few products, Sense Sation sold more than 20,000 units and generated half a million dollars in sales thanks to our expertise!

We have the experience and expertise to contribute to your growth. The success of our customers is important to us, which is why we offer turnkey services tailored to your needs and your budget.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about our Amazon Sales Services in addition to your online store.


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