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What’s better for you: a partial redesign or complete overhaul of your website?

Is your Web platform out-dated? Are you thinking of revitalizing your website and starting from scratch? It might be better to do a partial website redesign. A partial redesign means making changes to the features, design and structure of the website, rather than designing a new one entirely. In fact, restructuring [...]

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Online Shopping on Amazon

Should you distribute your products on Amazon. Is it a good complement to your online store?

E-Commerce is becoming more dominant around the world and Canada is no exception. Moreover, according to the CEO of the Quebec Retail Council (CQCD), SMEs must take action and invest in the digital shift! But on which online platform should you sell your products? On your online store ? On [...]

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Choisir agence web agency

Choosing the right Web agency: Le Backstore’s approach

With the growing number of companies in Québec who claim to be experts of the digital world, choosing the Web agency that you are going to work with can quickly become a complex task! Because you will be entrusting your project’s design, and part of its success to the [...]

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cms Magento

Why is Magento CMS the right choice for your e-commerce store ?

If you’re on the cusp of launching your online business or store, you’re probably struggling to choose between the many platforms on the market. There are a number of e-commerce websites (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Oxatis, etc.), so how do you know which one is the right one for [...]

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Content Marketing

Make Content Marketing work for your Online Business

You own an online business but you’re stumped on how to attract new customers. We get it. It may be time to invest in some content marketing ! In today’s market, web marketing is very closely linked to content creation. Digital marketing, or web marketing, is type of strategy that emphasizes [...]

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e-commerce mobile

2018 e-commerce trends worth checking out

The e-consumer is what matters most As soon as the new year rolls around, it seems everyone has something to say about the hottest e-commerce trends. Statistics, articles and studies clearly show that e-commerce is gaining popularity among all types of consumers. Online commerce giants definitely have their eye on these [...]

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interconnexion systèmes solution e-commerce

Why interconnected system capability is crucial when choosing an e-commerce solution

Have you started to sell online? Don’t make your decision lightly. A tip:  to facilitate your work, make sure that your e-commerce solution will allow you to interconnect your inventory, accounting and any other software that your company uses. What should be interconnected, without question? An online store system should manage commercial [...]

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Magento vs Shopify

Why Magento tops Shopify as a web commerce platform

When it comes time to choose an e-commerce platform for your business, making the right choice may seem like a daunting task. Many of us pick what’s most popular, or the first thing that is suggested to us. But that’s not always the best solution for our needs! If [...]

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The smart way to grow your business

Almost all entrepreneurs are wondering how they can ensure the successful growth of their business online. Do you share their concern? If you do, we understand that trying to coordinate your daily activities and what’s required to boost your performance can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneur bemused. But don’t [...]

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