Web marketing and SEO

What is your online growth strategy?

At Le Backstore we are aware of the current challenges and the need to stand out in a constantly changing market. Here are some of our specialties.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The faster, more relevant, and more quality your content is, the more visible it will be on search engines. Fortunately SEO optimization is an art in which we excel.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Offer yourself a place of choice with advertising campaigns targeted on search engines. Our experienced strategists will perfect a personalized digital offensive.

Social Media Marketing - SMM

Social networks are a favorite place for your advertising campaigns. By targeting your audience, your ads will reach an audience that is interested in your brand or products.

HR Marketing

The competition is tough and attracting the ideal candidates for your organization is not always easy. With our team of HR Marketing experts, we will be able to develop targeted campaigns to attract their talent and capitalize on your strengths.

Blog articles

Whether it’s to inform, engage or increase your audience, blog posts have a major impact on your SEO. Our editors will be happy to develop compelling and professional articles.


Advertising newsletters are recognized as having an excellent return on investment. We will take care to customize and optimize your promotional shipments to reflect your image beautifully.

A 360° approche

Whether it’s to increase your brand awareness or to attract new customers, increased visibility from multiple sources is recognized as an effective way to grow your market.

Benefits of bringing all your web marketing under one roof


Avoid wasting your time and money

Communicating with multiple entities can make your life difficult. Save energy and time with a holistic approach focused on efficiency and professionalism.


Standardizing the Broadcast Image and Message

A disparity between your promotional tools could confuse your customers. A consistent image will give your customers a strong and powerful message.


Full report of your web marketing

Detailed performance reports, giving a complete view of your activities, make it easy to assess a general return on investment from your online presence.

Let's bring your project to life