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Web design

At Le Backstore’s web agency, when we design a website, we approach the project as a whole that combines design, web development, SEO copywriting and optimization to quickly capture the attention of your visitors.


Do you have a clear idea of what you want for a website, or on the contrary, you don’t know where to start? Either way, talk to us. You will be surprised at what is available to you!


Web marketing and SEO

Today the web offers immense possibilities. Use this source to its full potential in order to position yourself and perform with your target market.

A market made up of potential clients and future talents for your organization. Your HR Marketing is just as important as your web or traditional marketing, don’t neglect it! Entrust us with your HR Marketing, together we will develop your sympathy capital so that you can attract these high potentials and make a difference!


Our web agency excel in the art develop personalized strategies using a range of powerful and precise marketing tools.



Social Networks

Social networks have the power to reach as many people as possible while stimulating engagement. The recipe for the result: bring regularly to the right people, at the right time, varied content that will touch them and push them to action.


Delegate this task to our team, whose mandate is to reflect your values while creating professional and engaging publications.



You want to sell online, but you don’t know how to do it? Thanks to our extensive experience in eCommerce, we will guide you towards this online transition or in the redesign of your online store.


From analyzing your needs to putting your products online, we take care of everything! In addition, we will deploy effective strategies to promote your eCommerce.

Who we are

A dynamic and proactive web agency

Le Backstore is a dynamic company composed of a host of web experts with complementary skills dedicated to promoting businesses online.

Our achievements

We have built websites for businesses from all walks of life, from start-ups to growing businesses. Here are a few examples!


Le Backstore is a division of Le Backstore & Boumgrafik group. By doing business with us you will benefit from the expertise of our 2 specialties. 


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