About us

An efficient and strategic web agency

When performance meets functionality

Your website is often the first contact people have with your business or organization. It must therefore be user-friendly, efficient and efficient in order to reflect your expertise and optimize the user’s browsing or purchasing experience. It is your weapon of choice to effectively reach your target market!


At Le Backstore, our mission is to design and produce relationship and transactional sites that are recognized for their efficiency and meet your expectations in terms of budget and autonomy for updates.

Our expertise

Our expertise can be summarized in three words: effective websites.  Our experts in programming, development and web outreach combine their talents to offer you websites and online shops tailored to your needs to reach your target.


Our areas of expertise:

● WordPress, WooCommerce
● WordPress Elementor
● Shopify
● Analysis and architecture
● Ergonomics
● Web design

● UI and UX design (user experience)
● Dynamic interaction
● Web applications
● ReactJS

Website design

Whether it’s a redesign or a start-up, a small or a large site, we’ll take the time to analyze your needs, your business model and your competition in order to present you with a website that looks like you and is popular.

Web marketing

In addition to setting up powerful websites, Le Backstore stimulates your sales with a complementary offer of diversified web delivery services (Google Ads and Facebook campaigns, SEO optimization and SEO campaigns) that will maximize the impact of your website.

Social media

Social networks are a must. Whether you already have a profile page or not, we can create or animate a social page that stands out for its user-friendliness and dynamism in order to stimulate engagement.

Customized web development

Some features of a website require tailor-made development and special attention to ensure smooth navigation and user-friendliness. Using the latest technologies (ReactJS, Elementor, AWG, etc.), we will program everything your website needs!

Our team

Our team members have one thing in common: their passion for the web. It is by gathering all their talents that Le Backstore succeeds in designing efficient and efficient websites!

Each new project is an opportunity for us to surpass ourselves and share our know-how with you.


Martin Rheault

Digital Strategy Consultant - President

Founder of Le Backstore and accomplished musician, Martin has been active in the web world since 1999. He has extensive experience in project management, website optimization and ergonomics as well as SEO and web marketing.


Jérémie Blais

Web developer and web marketing strategist

Versatile and proactive, Jérémie is passionate about large-scale projects and digital challenges. Astute and creative, he is very involved in projects as a front-end developer, WordPress integrator and digital strategist.


Cédric P.

SEO specialist, SEM

Seasoned travelers, you will find Cédric in a cafe in Bali or Montreal refreshing his Google Ads dashboard far too often. Cédric is remarkably gifted as an SEO strategist. In addition, he has mastered the world of PPC marketing.


Julie Fontaine

Project Manager

Project management holds no secrets for Julie. Thanks to her organizational talent and her ability to manage several projects at the same time. We are all in good hands.


Serge L.

Senior web programmer

With over 20 years of experience, Serge has always had a passion for technology and the web. Serge excels in both front-end and back-end programming. He skillfully uses his genius to carry out large projects with professionalism.


Laëtitia Blanc

Artistic director / Graphic and web designer

With a smile, Laëtitia is always ready to take up challenges. From your brand identity to the creation of your site, she will amaze you with her daring designs and her talent.

Our promise

Every day, we strive to help SMEs reach their target market and increase their revenue through the creation of efficient websites, user-friendly online shops or a single user experience.


Our web virtuosos have nearly 20 years of experience in their field, but above all, they make sure to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.


Our expertise is not only limited to our knowledge of everything related to the web, but also our ability to understand your needs.


By combining our know-how, efficiency and expertise in your field, we are able to implement an effective web platform to achieve your sales and awareness goals.


Le Backstore is a Laval company that brings together specialized web designers and developers. The founder, Martin Rheault, has over 20 years of experience in website design, programming, e-commerce and web marketing.

Let's bring your project to life