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Le Backstore’ web developers are masters at designing solutions that will optimize the web user experience. Our team of web designers makes your life easier by finding simple solutions to your sometimes complex challenges. We do custom web programming, whether on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, an extension module like WooCommerce or an application like React! (WordPress) and Shopify to ensure performance and fluidity to your online sales.

Powerful web applications

What is a web application? It is a website-based program that allows the Internet user to perform a task, such as paying for an account on their financial institution’s website, doing a Google search or taking emails online. Also called web app, it is usually accessible without downloading from all browsers. Our web designers will create tailor-made web applications that meet the objectives of your website!


React Native is a software infrastructure that facilitates the design of various web applications. Its high performance and intuitive interface make it a valuable tool for web development.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

A progressive web application (or PWA for progressive web app) downloads into your browser as a normal web page, but it enhances the user experience, for example by sending notifications or allowing it to access another device.

Other technologies

We can also work with JavaScript software infrastructures such as Vue.js, Native.js and Angular. Examples of the use of these technologies include a chat room and a job search site.

Web connection to your systems and APIs

An API or Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols used to allow different software, applications or web pages to connect to each other and share information. API integration may be necessary to effectively manage your online (e-commerce) feedback while using management software.

Linking to your management, accounting and others systems

By connecting your management or accounting systems to your online store, you will save time, optimize inventory tracking and report. For example, we can integrate Acomba, Lightspeed or any other accounting or management software into your Shopify store.

Performance optimization

The integration of APIs and the synchronization of your accounting or management software to your e-commerce store greatly facilitates the management of your sales activities on the Internet, which ultimately allows you to optimize the performance of your business.

Examples of completed projects

Here are some of the projects we have recently carried out (some of them have been carried out by the e-commerce agency Le Backstore, the former name of our agency).

Web Technologies

When creating your personalized website or e-commerce, our web developers use a host of web technologies that integrate with each other to provide a pleasant experience for users and thus demonstrate your professionalism.

WordPress and WooCommerce

We offer customized web development solutions created from the WordPress content management system and its WooCommerce extension module. We can customize every element of your website or online store to make it a powerful and streamlined platform.

Shopify and ShopifyPlu

Well known in the world of e-commerce, Shopify is one of the most efficient solutions for selling on the web. Shopify Plus is an improved version that is especially suitable for companies with a high volume of sales.


Elementor is a powerful web page builder that allows to add advanced features on WordPress sites. It allows you to customize every detail of your website while making it more efficient, stable, faster and safer.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The PWA (for progressive web app) looks like a smartphone app that is integrated into a website to accomplish a task. They can work offline, are extremely fast and improve the user experience.


React.js is a JavaScript library that facilitates the design of applications in a website. It guarantees programming stability and promotes natural referencing.

Migration of an online store

Do you already have an online store, but do your customers get lost or do not interact sufficiently on your website? We can migrate your e-commerce store to another platform to optimize the user experience, for example from Magento to Shopify, from Magento to WooCommerce, from WooCommerce to Shopify or from Shopify to WooCommerce. Anything is possible!

Whether it’s adding a shopping cart or setting up an interactive and inspiring shopping experience, our team guarantees you a result beyond your expectations.

Packages by number of products

To adapt to the needs of businesses of all sizes, we offer packages based on the number of products you want to put online.

Domain name

Want to keep or change your domain name? Both options are possible! We will advise you on the benefits of each.

Technical Support

Our relationship with our customers does not end when their e-commerce store goes online. We are here to support you if there are any questions or technical glitches at any time!

Scalable packages - Kits

Do you have a specific website project? We offer scalable packages that allow you to be online quickly!

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