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Web Apps: for a superior user experience

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Web applications: dynamic and efficient

Web applications are like small programs that we integrate into a web page during its design to create a user experience that resembles what we experience when opening an application. on a mobile phone. Web apps can be used to integrate a calculator, add a search engine or any other element that allows you to perform an action online.

Why use Web Apps ?

Because they are not heavy, web applications increase the speed of execution and download of a web page, which improves the user experience. They also work in offline mode once the web page is downloaded.

The advantages of Web Apps

  • Real-time data update
  • SEO optimization
  • Designed for mobile that enhances the mobile user experience
  • Priority indexing on the Google search engine
  • Up to 75% less expensive than a native app
  • Increase in conversions when used on a mobile
  • Decreased bounce rate on mobile devices

Examples of innovative Web applications

Some of the web apps we use regularly at Eoks include GatsbyJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and Node.js.

Interesting features

Web apps have several useful features to maximize the conversion of visitors to customers, including push notifications and geofencing or background data synchronization.


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