Shopify and Shopify+

Online store with Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify And Shopify+

A powerful e-commerce platform

Shopify is a renowned CMS in the field of e-commerce. It is one of the best performing solutions for managing internet sales. Today, businesses can also turn to Shopify Plus, an improved version of its big sister.

Shopify or Shopify Plus?

Shopify primarily targets small to medium size businesses, start-ups, and online stores with low to average sales volume. Shopify Plus targets established businesses that have high sales volume and traffic to their online sales platform, so ShopifyPlus is more expensive, but allows for more customization.


Here is a comparison that will highlight the differences between the two software:


● Shopify only handles two sales per second and provides access to major APIs only. Shopify Plus does not limit the number of simultaneous sales and provides access to all APIs.

● Shopify allows you to customize much of the store, except the checkout options (payment and shipping). Shopify Plus offers full customization without limitation.

● Shopify Plus offers B2B functions and task automation, while Shopify does not.
● Shopify allows you to create up to 15 administrative applications, compared to an unlimited number for Shopify Plus.
● Shopify charges you a 0.5% to 2% commission on each sale, compared to a 0.5% negotiable commission for Shopify Plus.

● Shopify costs you from $ 29 to $ 299 per month, while Shopify Plus costs almost $ 2,000 per month.

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The strengths of Shopify Plus

Here are some good reasons to choose Shopify Plus over competing CMSs, like Magento or Big Commerce:

● Unlimited bandwidth for complete freedom in managing your products.

● State-of-the-art technological features.
● Responsive and welcoming customer service.
● A simple, intuitive and very comprehensive dashboard.
● A wide variety of themes for all tastes.
● A fully customizable online store.
● The possibility of making multi-channel sales to social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) and the largest online sales platforms (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

● A very wide variety of payment gateways, including, Amazon Payments, Dwolla, CyberSource or Sage Payment Solutions.
● Optimal security for user information, thanks to the PCI DSS security standard enjoyed by the platform.

Power up your online store!

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