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What is React JS ?

Have you ever heard of React JS? It is a JavaScript library that is maintained by Facebook and constantly enriched by a community of web developers. This is used to create powerful web applications when designing a website. Thousands of websites use React JS, like PayPal and Netflix, and its little sister, React Native, is used to develop mobile applications.

An effective tool for a successful website

Revolutionary, React JS is a very popular tool for building mobile applications in the browser. It eases the overall process of coding the components of an application, increases productivity and facilitates subsequent website maintenance – which translates into lower costs for the website owner!


Here are some other benefits of programming with React JS :


  • Much faster rendering
  • An interactive interface
  • Stable code over the course of updates
  • Easy natural referencing (SEOfriendly) (SEO friendly)
  • Additional development tools for design and debugging 
  • Easy to learn tool
  • Technical support from a large community


React JS is used by both Fortune 500 corporate websites and innovative startups.

A website in your image

Always at the forefront, Le Backstore web developers have mastered a host of web tools and technologies, including React JS, to design websites that meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you want to trade online, present your services in a dynamic way, or promote your business, we have the solutions you need to meet your goals with a website that is both user-friendly and attractive. Ask us for our advice!

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