Facebook Ads: for whom and why?

Today, Facebook is the go-to social network around the world. As proof, no less than 2 billion people have an account and log into the app every day. Imagine the number of potential customers if you run ads there. And it is precisely with this in mind that Facebook Ads was created. Learn about this tool in detail, the entities that should use it, and the main benefits you will get from using it.


Facebook Ads, what is it?

Facebook Ads is an advertising tool that allows companies and merchants to deliver sponsored advertising content to users of the Facebook platform. People affected by these posts don’t need to be your friends, and they don’t necessarily have any connection to your account. These potential customers are targeted based on their activity on and off the Facebook portal.

Being a particularly effective tool, Facebook Ads also takes into account very precise data such as the geographical location of the targeted persons, and analyzes the information coming from each profile.

A well-defined budget is set by the owner of the ad. He can choose between boosting his publication or promoting his website. The number of people affected will vary depending on its budget.


Facebook Ads, for whom?

Facebook Ads is aimed at any category of business, startup, SME or large business. As long as you intend to sell products or services, you can use this tool to seek to optimize your visibility and target larger potential customers.

This powerful tool is also quite affordable. It is possible to launch an advertising campaign for a few pennies.


Why use Facebook Ads?

There are many reasons you should choose Facebook Ads. Here are the most important.


Optimization of your visibility and your audience

With a particularly high rate of users who regularly connect to Facebook, the social network is an excellent way to optimize the visibility of your brand, your product and significantly increase your audience. In addition, Facebook covers all categories of people and all age groups.


Precise targeting of potential customers

Facebook Ads offers the ability to target your prospects with precision. Useful criteria such as age, interests, gender or geographic location help target a specific audience who are likely to respond positively to your ad.


Improve the number of views of your publications

Facebook tends to focus on sponsored posts and gradually indent those that haven’t. Thus, your pages or advertisements will have declining numbers of views over time. On the other hand, if you use Facebook Ads, this phenomenon does not occur and your pages will always be in the foreground.


A tool suitable for all purposes

Finally, Facebook Ads is suitable for all of your advertising campaign goals. Whether it’s optimizing your audience, improving your brand awareness, driving more traffic, launching a new product, or just simply selling more, Facebook meets your needs and your expectations.

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