Creating An Online Store When You Already Have A Physical Store. The Must-do.

Creating an online store when you already have a physical store. The Must-Do.

Creating a transactional site is a good way to target more customers by bypassing geographical and time constraints. Anyone can buy your products, anywhere, anytime. Your online store, however, needs to be well designed in order to provide the best customer experience for your visitors and entice them to take action, return or even move to your physical store. So here’s all you need to plan for it.


Choosing an e-commerce platform

E-commerce platforms are the essential tools to develop your website. There are currently many, but Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento or Prestashop are among the best known. It is recommended that you research each of them to find the one that offers the features that suit your needs and that fits your budget.


Shipping services

Your customers usually choose to shop online because they can’t come to your store. It is therefore recommended to think about offering a variety of delivery services: at home or at a meeting point for example. It would also be interesting if the buyer could receive the products the same day of the order if possible.


Product Pictures

It is essential that you post actual photos of the items you are listing so that customers can review them. To do this, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional so that the images are very clear and crisp.


Inventory Synchronization

The inventory of your online store and your physical store should be synchronized to avoid issues with stock availability. There are many easy to use applications that you can easily link to your transactional site for this. You can also install cashier management software or POS ( Point of sale software ) .


Transaction Security

Finally, you must ensure that the personal data as well as the bank details of your customers remain confidential during online transactions in order to limit the risks of identity theft or fraud.


Creating a transactional site when you already have a physical store is a delicate task that requires the intervention of professionals. We provide you with experts in the field to support you in all the steps.

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