The practical guide to Google Ads Shopping

The Practical Guide To Google Ads Shopping

In recent years, Google Shopping has become an essential tool for successful advertising campaigns. Every e-merchant today systematically integrates Google Shopping into their web strategy in order to successfully sell online. Discover a practical guide to help you optimize your Google Shopping campaigns and optimize your search engine positioning.   Take care of the product […]

Facebook Ads: for whom and why?


Today, Facebook is the go-to social network around the world. As proof, no less than 2 billion people have an account and log into the app every day. Imagine the number of potential customers if you run ads there. And it is precisely with this in mind that Facebook Ads was created. Learn about this […]

The practical guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Did you know that out of 10 online experiences on the Internet, more than 9 of them started with a search engine like Google? It is therefore essential to put in place a specific digital strategy in order to increase the visibility of a site. It happens through SEO. What is it about ? SEO […]

Understanding Google Ads (Practical Guide)


Google Ads is a paid advertising campaign service established by Google since 2000. At the time, it was called “Google Adwords”. Originally, it was primarily a tool to optimize a site’s ranking in search results via Google based on the keywords selected. Over time, the service has been enriched with other features and it is […]

The Web Trends of 2021

The Web Trends Of 2021

Website design inevitably evolves over time. The trends of a few years ago are definitely not the same as for the year 2021, and will surely be different from those of 2022. Here are some ideas of the latest trends in web design for this year 2021.   Dark or “Night” mode The dark background […]