The Web Trends Of 2021

The Web Trends of 2021

Website design inevitably evolves over time. The trends of a few years ago are definitely not the same as for the year 2021, and will surely be different from those of 2022. Here are some ideas of the latest trends in web design for this year 2021.


Dark or “Night” mode

The dark background with text and light content is a trend that started in 2020 and seems to be confirmed in 2021. Most websites and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Chrome have now switched to this mode. The same is true for Android or iOS operating systems.


Thanks to Dark Mode, the rendering looks sleeker and more streamlined and even seems to affect the battery life of mobile devices. This is because the overall screen brightness is reduced, which reduces power consumption and eye strain.


The art of minimalism

This is a classic web design trend that seems to continue over the years. The concept of minimalism is based on small graphic elements, texts reduced to the strict minimum without reducing the comfort of use of the web page.


Thus, minimalism evokes elegance, simplicity and conviviality. The interface is more airy and less cluttered, which makes reading the page pleasant.


The use of black and white

Black and white are the star colors of web pages and applications for 2021. This color shade combines aesthetics, elegance and modernity. Adding black and white photos brings a welcome touch of animation to your page.


Be careful, however, if you want to integrate gray into the elements. Stick to a maximum of two or three shades so as not to lose the black and white effect and orient the color towards gray.


Hand drawings

Everything that is handmade is in the spotlight during this year 2021 when it comes to web design. No more perfectly geometric shapes and fonts worthy of literary works. From now on, the “handmade” is put forward with drawings made by hand, handwritten lettering.


By opting for handwritten content, the design of your web page is human-oriented, brings emotion and conveys a positive and friendly atmosphere. You also bring a unique and personal touch to your web page.


3D elements

The use of new technologies is in the spotlight with regard to web design trends for 2021. Indeed, 3D elements are now an integral part of content, bringing aesthetics, realism and originality to your web pages and applications.


Thanks to 3D elements, you will keep visitors to your site longer and you will be able to present your products from various angles. However, they should be used in moderation, since 3D elements take longer to load.

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