The Practical Guide To Google Ads Shopping

The practical guide to Google Ads Shopping

In recent years, Google Shopping has become an essential tool for successful advertising campaigns. Every e-merchant today systematically integrates Google Shopping into their web strategy in order to successfully sell online. Discover a practical guide to help you optimize your Google Shopping campaigns and optimize your search engine positioning.


Take care of the product sheets

Your product sheets should be optimized for SEO, ranging from title to description, including images. Indeed, Google Shopping uses the keywords present in the title of the page and compares them to the searches of Internet users. Put the essential elements at the beginning of the title. For example, use the formula “Brand + Product Type + Product Attribute”.

As for the description, it is limited to 5,000 characters. You can insert the specifics of your product that have not been mentioned in the title. As for the images, they need to be of excellent quality (at least at HD resolution), without text or watermarks.


Organize Google Shopping campaigns according to your performance

With Google Shopping, you can bid on specific products, not keywords. The best method is to organize your products into groups. This makes it possible to distinguish well-defined categories of each of your products.

Then, you can set up different auctions for each group according to their performance or their margins. Such segmentation allows you to optimize your visibility while controlling your budget.


Don’t overlook negative keywords

With Google Shopping, it is possible to optimize the flow of products according to keywords. However, you cannot bid on keywords in campaigns. However, it is allowed to add negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing when these keywords are typed.

Make a list of the most obvious irrelevant words, then refine the list as you go. You can add negative keywords in campaigns, product groups, or ad groups. You will see that your click-through rate will increase and you will have better control over your budget.


Organize auctions

Another tip is to organize your budget around times when searches can potentially peak. These times can be Christmas, Black Friday, or any other event of the year. Increase your Google Ads budget during these times on your hottest products. This will help maintain their visibility.

Also, focus a little more on mobile advertising. This is because this industry is booming and you will be able to attract more views and interactions. Also adjust your bids so that if the impression rate is insufficient, increase them. On the other hand, if the conversion cost is exorbitant, lower your bids.



With these few tips, you can optimize your Google Ads Shopping campaigns. Of course, there are still many other methods you can adopt, but these points will already get you started. For better profitability, do not hesitate to call on the services of professional service providers to guide and assist you in developing and monitoring your campaigns.

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