Creating an online store when you already have a physical store. The Must-Do.

Creating An Online Store When You Already Have A Physical Store. The Must-do.

Creating a transactional site is a good way to target more customers by bypassing geographical and time constraints. Anyone can buy your products, anywhere, anytime. Your online store, however, needs to be well designed in order to provide the best customer experience for your visitors and entice them to take action, return or even move […]

Lightspeed POS, for an optimized management of your online business activities

Le Backstore offers you complete services for the creation of websites and online stores. In order to meet all your needs and requirements, we use the best tools and technologies available today. In particular, we provide you with the many advantages of Lightspeed POS. What is it about ? What can this do for you? […]

The Web Trends of 2021

The Web Trends Of 2021

Website design inevitably evolves over time. The trends of a few years ago are definitely not the same as for the year 2021, and will surely be different from those of 2022. Here are some ideas of the latest trends in web design for this year 2021.   Dark or “Night” mode The dark background […]

Discover Web Apps: Benefits and Usefulness

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A web application, also known as a web app, is a web tool created and hosted on a server. It is generally accessible without downloading from any browsers. This innovative technology, which emerged a few years after the Internet, is now essential and brings many benefits to users.   Web applications are more economical Previously, […]

WordPress Elementor. What’s this?

Wordpress Elementor. What’s This?

Have you ever heard of Elementor? It is a page building tool that allows you to create and edit your web pages easily and quickly. Are you a trader, a company, a craftsman or an individual who wishes to set up an online project? Discover the facets of WordPress Elementor. WordPress Elementor, what is it? […]