Lightspeed POS, for an optimized management of your online business activities

Le Backstore offers you complete services for the creation of websites and online stores. In order to meet all your needs and requirements, we use the best tools and technologies available today. In particular, we provide you with the many advantages of Lightspeed POS. What is it about ? What can this do for you?



This brand has been creating custom point of sale (or POS) software since 2005. It is particularly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses operating in the restaurant and retail sector.


Lightspeed now has a portfolio of more than 50,000 customers around the world. Its services have also enabled a multitude of companies to increase their sales performance by up to 20%.


The benefits of Lightspeed POS

Better personnel management

More than just a POS software, Lightspeed POS makes it easy to manage staff. It allows you to create a personalized schedule for each employee according to the needs of the company. It is also possible to monitor the performance of teams and control their access to the system and to confidential information.

Improved results

Lightspeed POS provides the ability to view sales history. This makes it easier to determine customer needs over a period of time by analyzing the data. Marketing or product strategies can then be changed to satisfy, retain and attract new consumers. It positively affects your results in the long run.


Customer information can be collected using Lightspeed POS software. It is then easier to inform them about offers or news likely to interest them. In addition, there is the possibility of connecting the cash register system to delivery platforms.

Either way, users can expect 24-hour email, chat, or phone support throughout the week.


Easier management of all activities

Things start to get complicated when you have to manage several commercial or catering establishments at the same time. Lightspeed POS then allows multiple systems to be grouped together to make the job easier. In practice, all information is accessible anytime and anywhere via phone or tablet.


What Le Backstore offers you

Le Backstore is your partner to create online stores with Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. In addition, these can be linked to the Lightspeed POS system to optimize the management of your online business activities. Qualified and experienced professionals are attentive to your needs, to put in place a solution that precisely meets your expectations.

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