Productions Blip Blop

Digital educational tools

Productions Blip Blop is a Montreal-area company that designs digital educational tools used by teachers. As the sale of these products is done entirely on the web, the company had to equip itself with a powerful e-commerce system.

The company went to Realize that the project presented several challenges that made the use of a generic online store almost impossible. First, their products often have different modules, each available individually. So there was a need for a store that could easily handle different levels of by-products. Then, each product contains a license of use fixed in time. The e-commerce system therefore had to be able to handle this important aspect.

Finally, as their products can be purchased by different stakeholders, it was necessary to take into account that a teacher should be able to simply buy a product, while a school principal should be able to buy a product and licenses for their teachers. And they can then receive access to the product purchased by their manager. Do you see the complexity?

Before meeting with us, no e-commerce system or any specialized firm was able to offer them a turnkey solution. Productions Blip Blop was considering changing its business model to adapt to technological possibilities: nonsense!

Our solution

It was then that they met our experts and discovered the Magento e-commerce platform. Rather than requiring Blip Blop productions to change their processes, we have been able to develop a system that is totally tailored to their needs.

Using the Magento online store platform, we have set up the new company site by facilitating the purchase of the various products and their modules, both by teachers and directors. The shopping experience is simple and efficient, in addition to allowing the company to easily manage the various products offered.

The results

In the words of Sébastien Desautels, president of Productions Blip Blop:

“The first version provided to us by Le Backstore was quite simply WOW. Not only did they deliver what they pledged to deliver, but they exceeded our expectations! ”

  • A Magento solution molded to customer needs
  • A project delivered on time
  • On budget

This is another example of innovation and the quality of the Magento solutions that we have developed!


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